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How to Decorate a Disney's Princess Rapunzel Themed Bedroom (Tangled)

Disney Rapunzel 4 Piece Toddler Set, Purple
Disney's 3D Princess movies have been fantastic, interesting subversions on the classic tropes with more in depth and three dimensional (no pun intended) romances and protagonists who you really don't want to mess with. Tangled is part of the new line up, with its quirky, adventurous and fun leading lady, Princess Rapunzel. This post is for all the girls who loved the movie and want to make their very own Rapunzel themed bedroom. 

Tangled Themed Bedding

Disney Tangled
Rapunzel Comforter
There's quite a few different Tangled themed bedding sets available on the net, typically in funky purples and pinks. I've made a whole post on my favorite Tangled bedding collections which you can find here, but here I just wanted to include my two favorites, the gentle and feminine comforter and sheet set on the right and bold and colorful toddler bedding set up above. 

Rapunzel Tangled Head Cushion
If you are looking to do up a bed on a budget, a fun and easy idea is to pair up a beautiful Tangled blanket like this one or this one with your existing lilac, white or pink sheets. 

Once you have your basic bedding, finish the look off with some adorable Tangled themed decorative pillows and cushions and you'll be good to go! You can even pick up a cute blanket that comes with Princess Rapunzel cuddle pillow here. Voila!

Princess Rapunzel Themed Wall Decorations

Tangled Movie Poster
Disney Tangled Rapunzel Glow in the
Dark Giant Peel and Stick Wall Decal
Pastel colors go best with a Tangled themed bedroom, such as yellow, pink or lilac. There's quite a few ways to decorate your walls in the tangled theme too, so there's no excuse for leaving them bare! Check out, for example, the amazing giant Rapunzel decal on the right - it even glows in the dark, which is seriously cool. If you want to really go crazy, you can get a mega-pack of decals that has all of your favorite Tangled characters here. If you love wall borders, here's a Tangled one for you.

If decals aren't your style, you can go for a few movie posters, like the colorful one above, or this very heartwarming one of Rapunzel and Flynn. You can even find Disney Tangled canvas art out there, so be sure to shop around until you find something you fall in love with. 

Princess Rapunzel Themed Bedroom Accessories
Jim Shore Disney Traditions Rapunzel and Pascal From Tangled
Finally, be sure to get a tonne of accessories to finish of the Tangled look. Rapunzel ornaments are a lot of fun to collect for example. There are quite a few of them out there, such as the gorgeous antique style one above, or the more modern and very colorful ornament of Rapunzel with a frying pan here.

Disney Tangled Maximus
Horse Plush Toy
No girl's bedroom is complete without a giant pile of plushies to leap into, so check out this Rapunzel teddythis cute Rapunzel bridal plushie, Flynn plushie, or the adorable Maximus toy right.

Disney Tangled True
Dreams Made Drape
If your windows are looking a little lonely and bare, you can pick up some official Tangled movie curtains on the left, or during the summer months decorate it with a lovely window valance like the one available here.

So those are my favorite bits and pieces for a perfect Rapunzel themed bedroom. Be sure to check out the rest of my blog for even more fun bedroom themed, such of my posts on decorating a Frozen themed bedroom (favorite Disney movie of all time, check it out if you haven't see it!) or a Brave bedroom. Check out the rest of my blog for even more fun bedding and bedroom themes!

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