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Top Ten Striped Bedding Sets for Girls

Norson Modern Child Rainbow Candy Duvet Cover
Looking for some fun, colorful and interesting, yet simple and easy to pair with other decor bedding for your bedroom? Why not try some funky stripey bedding? This post is going to be looking at all of my personal favorite striped bedding for girls of all ages and styles. Read on!

If you are looking for something super colorful and modern, DIADI designs do a lot of fun stripey bedding. Each set comes with pillow shams, a flat sheet and a duvet cover. My favorite it the funky fireworks style bedding on the left, but the rainbow bedding is cool too!

DIAIDI Korean Rustic Princess Ruffle Bedding Set Rainbow Stripe Comforter Sets
Tie Dye Ultra Soft Microfiber
Girls Comforter Sheet Set
If you are a girly girl who wants some really demure and feminine bedding for their room, then why not try out the candy shop colored stripey Korean bedding above? Its got enough bows, frills and ruffles to make any girl squeal, and comes with a duvet cover, a bedskirt, and two pillow cases.

If you are looking for more boldly colored bedding, shopping for a purple color scheme or want some darker bedding to give your bedroom warmth in the colder months, why not try the purple and pink Tie Dye bedding on the right? You can buy it in three sizes and each set comes with the comforter, two standard sized pillow shams, a flat and fitted sheet set and two standard sized pillowcases. That's pretty much everything you could possibly need!

Mizone Reagan Comforter Set - Pink - Full/Queen
Swirls are a pattern that look lovely with stripes, and pink and black make an amazingly bold contrast! If you are shopping for a younger girl, the Pink and Black Madison Girls bedding set by Sweet Jojo Designs on the left might be just perfect! Each set comes with the comforter, a pillow case, a bedskirt and even a matching valence to decorate your window with. There's a lot of matching accessories you can buy separately too - if you can see it in the picture, it exists and is available to buy! Just shop around and pick out the bits you need. 

Pink and Black Madison Girls Set
by Sweet Jojo Designs
Another pattern which looks really cool when combined with the striped goodness is animal skin pattern! The bedding above is a great example, combining bold zebra and pink polka dot pattern stripes with silky pink and black stripes. Each of these bedding collections comes with the comforter and a matching sham.

Pink Gray and White Reversible
Chevron Comforter Set
Stripes aren't always on the straight and narrow. Sometimes they are naughty and veer away from the path, zig zagging their way through the night and into your dreams! I personally love the zig-zag striped pink and white comforter set on the right - it is sure to stand out a mile away in any girl's bedroom. Another fun thing about it is that it is reversible, which means if you ever want to shake things up a bit and add a bit of variety, you can reverse it for a whole new look! Pretty cool if you ask me. 

Each of these bedding sets comes with the comforter, a pillow case and a pillow sham. You can also get this bedding in a teal color as well as pink.

Dani Dot Hot Full Comforter with Shams
For the ultimate colorful combination of polka dot and stripe patterns, the Dani Dot Hot comforter set is my recommendation! It's bold, it's feminine, and it is sure to be an amazing centerpiece to any girl's bedroom. Each of these bedding sets comes with the comforter and two matching pillow shams.

Reversible Pink Gray Polka Dots and
Stripes Comforter Bedding Set 
Last but not least, if you want a simple block color stripey bedding with a hint of flair, then consider buying the demure grey and pink reversible comforter set on the left. Each set comes with the comforter, a matching pillow sham and a decorative toss pillow to throw into the mix.

So those are my top ten favorite striped bedding sets for girls. I hope you liked them and found one that is absolutely perfect for your bedroom! If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of this blog for loads more cool bedroom and bedding theme ideas for boys and girls of all ages and styles.

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