Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Monkey Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas

If you have a little boy or girl in your life who is constantly monkeying around and loves the look of the jungle, why not treat them to a cool monkey themed bedroom? There's loads of fun accessories and decorations to choose from, and this post is going to be looking at all of my personal favorites. Read on an enjoy!

Monkey Themed Bedding

First things first, every themed bedroom needs some appropriate themed bedding to be the centerpiece of the room. There are lots of monkey bedding sets for both genders out there to choose from, so many that I've made a whole separate post on them! You can find all of my favorite monkey themed bedding sets for both boys and girls here.

Here I'll just feature some of the best - at the top of the page is an excellent look for parents who want to get their themed bedroom gear all in one place. The bedding comes with a comforter and two pillow shams, but there is an insane amount of additional matching accessories you can get to go with it - basically, if you can see it in the picture, its available to buy! Pretty sweet.

My Pillow Pet Silly Monkey
Meanwhile, girly girls might like the Fabian bedding above with all its crazy colors and funky, imaginative patterns. Each set of this bedding comes with the sheets, matching pillows, a comforter and that adorable stuffed monkey toy!

If you are looking for some more cute accessories to go on you child's bed, I really recommend picking up a monkey pillow pet like the one on the left. They are cuddly toys that transform into flat pillows, and they are super popular with young and older children alike.

Monkey Themed Wall Decor

Sweet Dreams Monkey Wall Decal
Loads of colors can be made to look amazing on the walls of a monkey themed bedroom. You can be traditional and go for a jungle color scheme, with lots of greens and yellows, but girly pinks, soft yellows and even bold oranges and demure browns, creams and beiges will fit the decor. Experiment with what looks best!

Monkey Mania Canvas Wall Art
Meanwhile, there is an enormous amount of monkey themed wall decor, so there is no excuse for leaving those walls dull and bare. In particular, there is a crazy amount of monkey themed wall decals out there, in all kinds of different colors and styles. Check them all out here! You can practically turn your walls into the jungle with these cuties, and they are easy to apply and remove and don't leave any sticky marks on your walls.

There's not just decals out there either. you can get some lovely and funky monkey canvas art and posters to decorate your walls with too. I particularly like the stripey blue canvas art on the right!

Monkey Themed Window Decor

Monkey Curtain Tie Backs
Here's an interesting and very cute addition to a monkey themed bedroom - plush monkey curtain tie-backs! You can get other jungle animal tiebacks at the same link if you'd like a bit of variety, and they are all high quality and look wonderful. Why not match them with some monkey decorated curtains?

Monkey Themed Bedroom Accessories

Wood Nesting Doll - Monkey
Last but not least, finish off the look with some interesting and unusual monkey themed bedroom accessories. There are a wide range of choice you could make, and I'm just going to pick out a few of my favorites here - be sure to shop around! To start off, I really like the monkey shaped wooden nesting doll set above - its really unique and pretty!

Skip Hop Zoo Storage Bins, Monkey
If your child generate a lot of clutter and doesn't have enough space to store is all in, a good idea is to pick up some storage cubes to keep things neat and tidy. Skip Hop Zoo make a very smiley and fun monkey storage bin that kids are sure to love, featured on the right.

You can also get a number of cute monkey figurines out there to decorate your child's shelves and cabinets. Chimpanzees are technically apes and not monkeys, but the ornaments below would look lovely in a monkey bedroom.  

Playing Chimpanzee Monkey Figurines
So there you go, my guide to decorating a monkey themed jungle paradise for your child. I hope you liked my selections and found some ideas that work for you! 

If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for loads more awesome bedding and themed bedroom decor ideas for girls and boys of all ages.

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