Friday, 30 October 2015

Top Ten Cat Themed Bedding for Cat Lovers!

Cotton Cartoon Love Cat Bedding Set
Cat Band Orange Bedding Set
I recently go a little kitten, so my cat mania has gone through the roof! That's why I thought I would make this post, a quick guide to my top ten favorite cat themed bedding for cat loving humans. 

To start us off, here are two very demure and pretty designs suitable for cat-lovers across the board. The first one is an adorable and romantic piece in soft caramel tones, featured above, It comes with a duvet cover, a flat sheet, and two matching pillow cases.

The second is the cool blue and orange Cat Band bedding on the right, which combines waves, paisley and polka dot to great effect. It comes with a duvet cover, a flat sheet, and two matching pillow cases.

Reversible Childrens Pink Yellow Crayola Cat 3-piece Comforter Bedding Set
Cliab Cat Bedding Black and Pink Blue
Polka Dots and Stars Girls Duvet Cover
If you like your bedding feminine and pretty, then there are plenty of cat-themed bedding sets that will appeal to you. For example, for kids we have the adorable and reversible Crayola Cat bedding above, which can be flipped over for a whole new style. Each set comes with a comforter and two pillow shams. 

MeMoreCool Home Textile Cute Cartoon
Design Boys and Girls Bedding Set Cats
Blue can be just as feminine as pink, especially when you have some truly adorable kitties thrown into the mix. On the left and right are two very beautiful bedding sets that will appeal to every little cat-lover out there, with gentle and elegant colors, interesting patterns and a very cute cartoon design. They are perfect for young girls and teens.

Both sets of these amazing bedding includes a duvet cover, a flat sheet and two cute pillow shams.

LOVO Kids and the Cute Cat 100% Cotton 300TC Percale 3-Piece Bedding Set
Cliab Cat Bedding For Girls With Love
Pink 100% Cotton Duvet Cover Set
Need something even louder? For kids, I definitely recommend the gorgeous and cute yellow, pink and blue cat bedding above. The funky cartoon style, wide range of unusual patterns and waves and bright colors are sure to be a hit! This colorful number comes with a duvet cover, a flat sheet and a matching pillow case.

For teens and adults who love to look pretty in pink and want to inject a bit of romance into their dreams, take a peek at the gorgeous Cliab Cat With Love bedding on the left. It has a very parisian style that I particularly like, and the cartoon cats are super cute. Each set of this amazing bedding comes with everything you need for some sweet dreams: the pink duvet cover, a flat sheet and two matching pillow cases.

YOYOMALL Home Textiles Super Cool Black Cat With Glasses Duvet Cover Set
Fancy getting funky? If you want cat bedding that is as bold as our frisky felines can be, then check out the cool cat above. With stark, minimalist colors and a very unique design, this bedding instantly stands out from the mold and adds a quirky feel to any bedroom. This bedding includes a quilt, a fitted sheet and two pillow cases.

Boho style cat themed bedding set
If you are more of a bohemian, then you should check out the lovely boho style tribal cat bedding on the right. It's a very interesting piece that will look amazing in alternative-style bedrooms. Each set of this beautiful bedding includes a flat sheet, a duvet cover and two pillow cases.

DiaNoche Designs by Sascalia Cat Family
Unique Home Decor and Designer Bedding
Last, but not least, is a very pretty number than suits all ages with it's timeless and artistic style. DiaNoche are well known for their unique bedding, and the Sascalia Cat Family bedding on the left is just another in a long line of beautiful, stand-out pieces. Each set includes a duvet cover and two pillow shams.

So there you go! Those were my top ten favorite bedding collections for people who are crazy about kitties. I hope you found one that is perfect for you and have a lot of pleasant cat-naps. If you liked this post and would like to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all of the best bedding and bedroom decor ideas on the net!

Hello Kitty Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas

Hello Kitty Bedroom in a Box Set
I, like girls of all ages all around the world, am completely crazy about the cute and gentle ball of fluff that is Hello Kitty. I totally intend to have a Hello Kitty themed bedroom at some point in my life, that point being when I manage to persuade my boyfriend! Anyway, this post is a little scrapbook of stuff I'd like to have to make my own Hello Kitty palace, so read on to discover my favorite decorations!

FADFAY 4Pcs Hello Kitty Queen Size Duvet Cover Bedding Sets 100% Cotton
Hello Kitty bedding is abundant, appearing in all kinds of styles and colors for all ages. My favorites are the pink ones, because pink is awesome! I've made not one, but two posts on my favorite Hello Kitty bedding, which you can find here and here.

My top favorite is the lovely Sweet and Sassy comforter set, and you can see immediately why it's one of Sanrio's bestsellers. Each set comes with a comforter, a pillow sham and a matching bedskirt. You can get the matching sheet set for it here.

U-beauty Pink Hello Kitty
Face Cushion Pillow
If you want a budget alternative to a full bedding set, I recommend pairing your existing pink, purple or white sheets with a cute Hello Kitty blanket. These are more inexpensive but look just as lovely as the bedding sets, plus they are very snuggly! You can find plenty of cute Hello Kitty blankets in many different colors and styles here. Pick the one you love the most and you'll be ready to go to dream-land.

Whether you go for a blanket or a bedding set with all of the bells and whistles, Hello Kitty pillows are a perfect way to finish off the look. On the left are my two favorites, but you can find many more here.

Sanrio Hello Kitty - Couture Peel & Stick Giant Wall Decal
Hello Kitty Small Stretched Canvas
If you are going all out and repainting your room, the obvious color scheme is any shade of pink. However, anything feminine will work for Hello Kitty, and even some more tomboy colors - red and blue collegiate style Hello Kitty bedding and accessories are quite common, so a bold blue or red room would fit very well with them!

With the walls painted up, you'll need to fill in those blank spaces with some Hello Kitty art. Decals are a great choice, as they are easy to apply and come off without leaving any marks. Above is the perfect set of decals to get you started.

Alternatively, you can get some really cute canvas art out there, like the adorable stripy number on the left. Shop around and pick your favorites!
Here's a good option if you can stretch the budget to it: Hello Kitty furniture. There's enough Hello Kitty furniture out there to replace all the furniture in your house if you want to (not even kidding). You probably saw the Hello Kitty bedroom in a box at the top of this post, which is a great place to start for bedroom furniture. It comes with a bed frame, a nightstand, a dresser and a lovely Hello Kitty face-shaped mirror.

Delta Children Multi Bin Toy
Organizer, Hello Kitty
Beyond that, there's plenty more. Need somewhere cozy to sit and for your friends to sleep on at sleepovers? Check out the colorful and funky flip-out sofa above. Got a girl who loves to draw, write and paint? Get her the equally colorful Hello Kitty table and chair set on the right. The sky is the limit!

One thing I particularly recommend for young kids with lots of toys is a Multi-bin toy organizer like the one on the left. It's perfect for storing all of their clutter in a stylish and cute way. It may even encourage them to tidy up after themselves for a change. Maybe. Not even Hello Kitty can work miracles.

Anyway, as I said, there is an insane amount of furniture out there, so you are sure to find something that is perfect for you. You can find my top Hello Kitty furniture here.

Bestfashion Lovely Big Head Hello Kitty Fuzzy Floor Cushion Mat
Hello Kitty Dome Top
Laundry Hamper
Last but not least, with the bed made, the walls done up and all of the furniture in place, all you need is to finish off the look with some super cute and gorgeous accessories. Once again, the sky is the limit as there is an insane amount of merchandise out there, so these are just a couple of my suggestions.

Hello Kitty Flower Window
Panels Drapes Curtains
The die-cut face rug above is a best-seller, and a beautiful one at that. It's perfect for the foot of your bed, or even as a bathroom mat. As another fun storage option, we also have a pretty Hello Kitty laundry hamper, featured on the right. 

Don't forget the curtains! The Hello Kitty Flower curtains on the left are a really lovely addition to a pink or purple toned bedroom. I just love the little rainbows!

Last but not least, you can save quite a lot of money and give your room a really personal look if you have the time to do a little arts and crafts. Below is a great video to give you some ideas on DIY Hello Kitty bedroom decorations that you can make at home. Be sure to check it out!

So there you have it! That's my little guide to decorating a Hello Kitty themed bedroom for girls of all ages. I hope you found some cute ideas and have a ton of fun decorating. If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all of the best bedroom and bedding ideas on the net!

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Top Hello Kitty Furniture for a Girl's Bedroom or Nursery

Hello Kitty Bedroom in a Box Set
Hello Kitty Desk with Hutch
You've probably seen those pictures on the internet of mega Otaku who pimp out their home completely in the sweet and bubbly tones of the lovely Hello Kitty. It's very easy to do, because there is an insane amount of Hello Kitty furniture out there. I've collected all of my favorites here for all you Hello Kitty fans to take a look at. Let's get started!

Here's a veritable mega-pack, a Hello Kitty bedroom in a box, featured above at the top of the page. With gentle pastel colors and a simple design, this elegant and feminine collection of bedroom furniture is sure to melt anyone's heart! This set comes with a twin-sized bed, a dresser, a mirror, and a night stand. If you like the style, you can also get a matching Hello Kitty desk, featured on the right. The desk chair is available here.

Kids Table and Chairs Activity Home Furniture Set Hello Kitty 
Delta Children Table &
Chair Set, Hello Kitty
For younger girls who love to draw, write and paint, an activity table is a wonderful gift to decorate their room or their playroom. There are a couple out there, and they tend to go out of stock quickly, so when you see one you like be sure to pick it up as fast as you can.

Here's my two favorites which are available at the moment. If you like your room to look pretty in pink, then the one above will do good by you. For a splash of extra color, check out the Delta Hello Kitty Table and Chair set on the left.

Marshmallow Furniture, Flip Open Sofa, Hello Kitty
Marshmallow Furniture Comfy Chair Hello Kitty
Need somewhere cozy to curl up and chill out? There is a huge range of Hello Kitty sofas and chairs out there for you to choose from. For girls who like to have sleepovers, the flip out sofa above is a great boon to their friends - sofa by day, snuggly mattress by night! There are other regular Hello Kitty sofas out there, such as this pink and red one.

I also particularly like the polka dot pink armchair featured on the right. The Hello Kitty face seat back is a very bold and iconic look that is sure to make your bedroom stand out from the rest. If that doesn't tickly you pink, here's another fun chair for you to check out: a pink and purple recliner! This is a neat gift for girls who like to kick back and take things slow from time to time. 

Delta Children Multi Bin Toy Organizer, Hello Kitty
If you have a lot of clutter about the room and not enough places to store things, a toy organizer like the one above is a must have. It's so colorful! If your bedroom mainly has purple tones, then this pink and purple storage organiser would be perfect for your room instead.

Hello Kitty Collapsible Storage
Trunk With Mesh Pockets
If you want something  little more discrete that you can tuck away under the bed or into a corner, there are smaller storage trunks and toy boxes out there which you can get instead, such as the two pink cuties on the left and right. 

Hello Kitty Bows Toy Box
Here's a cute piece of furniture, featured below, a lovely vanity table with a Hello Kitty themed print bench. It's a great accessory for older girls, teens, and even adults who like to get in touch with their inner child. It also blends in well with darker and more mature color schemes. You can get the same design in white wood here as well.

New Black Metal Sunburst Make Up Vanity Table with Mirror & Hello Kitty Themed Bench
Hello Kitty Vanity & Mirror With Stool
If you are looking for a vanity table for a younger girl or toddler, then the cutie on the left might just be right for your little kitty! With its bright pink colors and adorably kitsch teapot decorations, this will fit in nicely with the rest of her Hello Kitty decor. Each set comes with the vanity table, attached mirror and the stool.

So there you go! Those are my top eleven favorite pieces of Hello Kitty furniture for girl's bedrooms. I hope you found a few that are perfect for you and give them a good home! If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more, then be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all of the best themed bedroom decor for girls on the net!

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Disney's Tinkerbell Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas

If you believe in fairies, you'll know that the best gift you can give a girl is a fairy themed palace of her own. And what better fairy-theme is there but the delightfully sweet and magical Tinkerbell, the  breakout fairy from Disney's Peter Pan? If that sound like fun, be sure to read on and learn my favorite accessories for decorating a Tinkerbell themed bedroom for girls.

Fairies Butterfly Sparkle
Micro Raschel Blanket
First of all, you will need a colorful set of Tinkerbell themed bedding to form the centrepiece of your room. I've included two very pretty bedding sets above for you to check out, one for purple-maniacs and one for those who love to look pretty in pink, but there are plenty more out there! You can find my top favorite Tinkerbell bedding sets here.

Shopping for a toddler? Most bedding sets will be too big for your needs, but there is a sweet purple Tinkerbell themed toddler bed frame with attached canopy available out there. Check it out here!

Disney Fairies Tinkerbell
'Petite Pixie' Pillow
If you are looking for a cute budget option, you can get a number of blankets like the Fairy Butterfly Sparkle throw on the right. You can pair it with your existing pink, purple or blue sheets, and you'll have an inexpensive but beautiful look! You can find more Tinkerbell and Disney Fairy blankets on Amazon here.

Whether you've gone for a full bedding set or a blanket for your bed, a few extra decorative throw pillows make a bed more homely, and a lot more comfy too! I particularly like the Tinkerbell 'Petite Pixie' pillow on the left. It is very cute and fits well with most Tinkerbell bedding and blankets.

Disney Fairies - Tinkerbell Peel & Stick Giant Wall Decal
Pixie Block - Treasures on Canvas
Disney Tinkerbell Gallery
Wrapped Canvas by Jim Salvati
If you are going the whole hog in decorating you walls, the obvious recommendation for color is a light pastel green, but light pinks, purples and blues also work very well with the Tinkerbell theme, as do creams and baby yellows.

Once the walls are up and painted, you'll need some wall art to fill in those blank spaces. Decals are a good choice as they are easy to apply and come off without leaving any sticky marks. Above is a very cute big Tinkerbell character decal that I like. If you're looking for decals featuring the rest of the Disney Fairies, check out this set here.

You can also occasionally get gorgeous canvas art depicting Tinkerbell, and I've found a very cute on by Jim Salvati featured on the right. These tend to go out of stock quite quickly, so if you see one that you like, be sure to pick it up as soon as you can!

Fairies and Tinkerbell Collapsible Chest Toy
Disneys Fairies Kids Recliner
You can also get Tinkerbell furniture out there in all different colors and styles, which is pretty awesome! For example, if you need a snuggly place to sit, the reclining sofa on the right is a great choice, and I just love the flower pattern on it and the gentle and feminine blue color scheme. A cute Tinkerbell saucer chair in a similar style is also available, or for something a little more casual, here is a Disney Fairies bean bag chair.

Got a lot of clutter about the room and nowhere to put it? That's ok, even fairies are allowed to make a mess from time to time. For times when the room needs a clean up, Tinkerbell art storage furniture is there to help you out! My favorite is the great collapsible storage chest featured above. It's just perfect for kids!

TINKERBELL Glitter Switch Plate & Outlet Covers. SET OF 2. ALL Styles Available!
Disney Traditions by Jim Shore
Tinker Bell Personality Pose Figurine
With all the basic down, all that is left to do is add a few personal touches. Little things, like glittery green outlet plates and covers like the ones above, can go a long way to making your room look special and complete.

I always love to finish off rooms with figurines that match the theme, and there are plenty of Tinkerbell and Disney Fairies themed figurines and ornaments out there to choose from. My favorite is the amazingly colorful Jim Show figurine on the right.

Disney Fairies Dew Drops and
Sparkles Microfiber Valance
Last but not least, people often overlook the impact that windows and curtains have on a room, which is why you gotta have some Disney fairies accessories hung up there to greet the morning light! Tinkerbell curtains go out of stock quickly, but window valences like the one on the left are always about. I recommend pairing them with these cute sheer light purple curtains.

So there you have it! That's my guide to decorating your own Tinkerbell themed bedroom. I hope you found some great ideas and everything you need to get going. If you liked this post and would like to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for loads more wonderful bedroom and bedding ideas for all ages!

Thursday, 15 October 2015

The Simpsons Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas

The Bart Simpson Boys Reversible Duvet Cover Single And Pillowcase Set
Simpsons Duvet Cover Set
Simpson's Family Bedding Set
This post is going to look at how to theme your bedroom after one of the most prolific culture icons of the 21st Century, The Simpsons! The yellow-faced family are recognized the world over, and make a very fun bedroom theme that is pretty easy to pull off as long as you have the right tools. Let's take a look!

Simpson Cute Five Heads Throw Blanket
Simpsons themed bedding is surprisingly rare given the show's popularity, but I found two great sets to get you started; a reversible sliding puzzle style duvet and pillowcase (above) and a colorful 'Brady Bunch' style set on the right.

If you are looking for a budget option, instead of getting a Simpsons bedding set you can pair your existing red, blue or yellow sheets with a fun Simpsons blanket like the one on the left. You can find many more Simpsons themed blankets here.

Soft Plush Pillow Doughnut From the Simpsons Stuffed
Decorative pillows are a fun way to add flair to your bed or to line your sofas and chairs with to make them more comfy. Once again Simpsons pillows are few and far between, but above is a simply awesome stuffed pillow based on the design of the famous pink donut! Pretty cool!

The Simpsons Peel and Stick Wall Decals
The Simpsons Homer
Scream Poster
Next up, let's spruce up those bare walls. If you are going all out and painting your walls a different color, the obvious choice to match the Simpsons theme is a bold, eye-catching yellow, but equally bright primary colors like red or blue would also work well. 

If you are just looking for some decorations to fill in the blank spaces, then I recommend taking a look at the cool Simpsons Peel and Stick wall decals featured above. They can be arranged however you like and are easy to apply and remove without leaving any sticky marks on your walls (since they don't use any glue). Pretty cool!

An alternative wall decoration idea is to get some Simpsons poster art to stick up. I'm a big fan of the 'Scream' parody poster on the right. If you're a poster person, you can find hundreds more Simpsons posters here.

The Simpsons Glow in the Dark Lava Lamp - Nuclear Power Plant Scenario
The Simpsons Merchandise 21 Piece
Limited Edition Figurine Set
With all of that in place, all you have left to do is put in place the finishing touches - The Simpsons accessories! There are quite a few 'functional' accessories out there that you can decorate your room with, such as the fun glow in the dark lava lamp above or the IKEA Homer Simpson wall clock below.

New Simpsons Wall Clock
If you want something purely decorative, however, I would recommend picking up some Simpsons character plushies like these or some figurine ornaments to line your shelves with. The set on the left comes with 21 unique pieces!

So there you have it, that's my guide to decorating a Simpsons themed bedroom. I hope you found some great ideas and have a lot of fun decorating your new room. If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all of the best bedroom decor ideas on the net!