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Disney's Tinkerbell Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas

If you believe in fairies, you'll know that the best gift you can give a girl is a fairy themed palace of her own. And what better fairy-theme is there but the delightfully sweet and magical Tinkerbell, the  breakout fairy from Disney's Peter Pan? If that sound like fun, be sure to read on and learn my favorite accessories for decorating a Tinkerbell themed bedroom for girls.

Fairies Butterfly Sparkle
Micro Raschel Blanket
First of all, you will need a colorful set of Tinkerbell themed bedding to form the centrepiece of your room. I've included two very pretty bedding sets above for you to check out, one for purple-maniacs and one for those who love to look pretty in pink, but there are plenty more out there! You can find my top favorite Tinkerbell bedding sets here.

Shopping for a toddler? Most bedding sets will be too big for your needs, but there is a sweet purple Tinkerbell themed toddler bed frame with attached canopy available out there. Check it out here!

Disney Fairies Tinkerbell
'Petite Pixie' Pillow
If you are looking for a cute budget option, you can get a number of blankets like the Fairy Butterfly Sparkle throw on the right. You can pair it with your existing pink, purple or blue sheets, and you'll have an inexpensive but beautiful look! You can find more Tinkerbell and Disney Fairy blankets on Amazon here.

Whether you've gone for a full bedding set or a blanket for your bed, a few extra decorative throw pillows make a bed more homely, and a lot more comfy too! I particularly like the Tinkerbell 'Petite Pixie' pillow on the left. It is very cute and fits well with most Tinkerbell bedding and blankets.

Disney Fairies - Tinkerbell Peel & Stick Giant Wall Decal
Pixie Block - Treasures on Canvas
Disney Tinkerbell Gallery
Wrapped Canvas by Jim Salvati
If you are going the whole hog in decorating you walls, the obvious recommendation for color is a light pastel green, but light pinks, purples and blues also work very well with the Tinkerbell theme, as do creams and baby yellows.

Once the walls are up and painted, you'll need some wall art to fill in those blank spaces. Decals are a good choice as they are easy to apply and come off without leaving any sticky marks. Above is a very cute big Tinkerbell character decal that I like. If you're looking for decals featuring the rest of the Disney Fairies, check out this set here.

You can also occasionally get gorgeous canvas art depicting Tinkerbell, and I've found a very cute on by Jim Salvati featured on the right. These tend to go out of stock quite quickly, so if you see one that you like, be sure to pick it up as soon as you can!

Fairies and Tinkerbell Collapsible Chest Toy
Disneys Fairies Kids Recliner
You can also get Tinkerbell furniture out there in all different colors and styles, which is pretty awesome! For example, if you need a snuggly place to sit, the reclining sofa on the right is a great choice, and I just love the flower pattern on it and the gentle and feminine blue color scheme. A cute Tinkerbell saucer chair in a similar style is also available, or for something a little more casual, here is a Disney Fairies bean bag chair.

Got a lot of clutter about the room and nowhere to put it? That's ok, even fairies are allowed to make a mess from time to time. For times when the room needs a clean up, Tinkerbell art storage furniture is there to help you out! My favorite is the great collapsible storage chest featured above. It's just perfect for kids!

TINKERBELL Glitter Switch Plate & Outlet Covers. SET OF 2. ALL Styles Available!
Disney Traditions by Jim Shore
Tinker Bell Personality Pose Figurine
With all the basic down, all that is left to do is add a few personal touches. Little things, like glittery green outlet plates and covers like the ones above, can go a long way to making your room look special and complete.

I always love to finish off rooms with figurines that match the theme, and there are plenty of Tinkerbell and Disney Fairies themed figurines and ornaments out there to choose from. My favorite is the amazingly colorful Jim Show figurine on the right.

Disney Fairies Dew Drops and
Sparkles Microfiber Valance
Last but not least, people often overlook the impact that windows and curtains have on a room, which is why you gotta have some Disney fairies accessories hung up there to greet the morning light! Tinkerbell curtains go out of stock quickly, but window valences like the one on the left are always about. I recommend pairing them with these cute sheer light purple curtains.

So there you have it! That's my guide to decorating your own Tinkerbell themed bedroom. I hope you found some great ideas and everything you need to get going. If you liked this post and would like to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for loads more wonderful bedroom and bedding ideas for all ages!

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