Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Sailor Moon Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas

Fatacy Anime Sailor Moon Pink CORAL FLEECE Throw Blanket Polyester blanket
Anime Sailor Moon CORAL FLEECE
Throw Blanket Polyester blanket
Sailor Moon may be fighting evil by the moonlight, but the rest of us need to get a bit of beauty sleep, and where better to get it that in a beautiful Sailor Moon themed bedroom? It's a fun look to pull off and suitable for anime fans of all ages. This post is going to look at some of my favorite accessories for decorating a Sailor Moon themed bedroom.

JP Sailor Moon Purple Cat Luna
Pillow Cushion 12" Plush Stuffed
First, let's start with the bedding. Sadly in the west getting Sailor Moon duvets and the like is difficult, but you can pair some plain white, light blue or baby pink sheets with a Sailor Moon throw blanket and get a perfect look that is just as good! My two favorite blankets are featured above and to the right - the art is so gorgeous. You can find more Sailor Moon bedding here.

With the blanket in place, you'll need to add some pretty pillows to finish off the look. I particularly like the Luna face pillow on the left - it's so cute! You can find loads more Sailor Moon pillow cases and decorative throw cushions here.

Anime Sailormoon Sailor Moon - High Grade Laminated Poster
With the bed done up, it's time to decorate your walls. Light pastel colors work best for the walls of a Sailor Moon themed bedroom, and there are plenty of posters and wall art you can get out there so your walls aren't left bare. I particularly like the laminated poster above - it's high quality and it features all of the Sailor Scouts! You can find lots of beautiful Sailor Moon posters for your wall here.

Bandai Sailor Moon Mini Plush Doll Cushion 2 Sailor Chibi Moon
Banpresto Sailor Moon Memory Series 
Last but not least, bedroom accessories! A big pile of plushies is a must for any anime fan, and there are an abundance of Sailor Moon toys out there to collect. Above is an adorable Chibi-Usa plush, and you can also get Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, Luna, ArtemisSailor MercurySailor Mars, Sailor JupiterSailor VenusSailor Saturn, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Pluto in plushie form. Figurines are also available to collect and decorate your shelves with: Sailor Moon is on the right, and you can find the other Sailor Scouts as part of the series at the link.

There you go! Those are all of my recommendations for decorating your Sailor Moon themed bedroom. I hope you found some wonderful ideas and have a lot of fun. If you liked this post and would like to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all the best bedroom decor ideas on the net!

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