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British Union Jack Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas

Cliab Union Jack Duvet Cover Set
We've had ourselves a guide to decorating a patriotic Stars and Stripes themed bedroom, so lets move on to another awesomely patriotic and well-known flag theme - the Union Jack. Another red, and blue wonder for your eyes, this bold theme is sure to make your bedroom stand out from the rest of the world. There's plenty of stuff out there that you can use to get the look, so let's get started!

Red White Lavender Green the Union Jack London Bedding Set
Union Jack Rock & Roll Reversible Bedding
First things first: when it comes to decorating a themed bedroom, you always start with the centerpiece of the room: the bed. There is a huge amount of Union Jack bedding out there in many, many different styles, and I have just included a few of favorites here. You can find more amazing Union Jack themed bedding here.

Bronte Throw Blanket Rule
Britannia Merino Lambswool
The bedding at the top of the page is good basic look, with very bold colors and a simple but effective design. For all you shabby chic lovers, the distressed Rock 'n' Roll bedding on the right or the postage stamp style bedding above would be perfect!

If you are looking for a budget way to decorate your bed, here is a cool tip. If you already have red, white or blue sheets, all you need to do is buy a blanket in the style like the one on the left, and viola, easy and inexpensive Union Jack themed bed! You can even pair it with Union Jack decorative throw cushions like this one

London Poster Poster Print
British Flag Union Jack Wall Decal
Repositionable Peel and Stick
Never leave your walls boring and bare, that can make your room look depressing and empty. Spruce them up with a lick of red or blue paint and stick up some posters and framed art!

Decals are a great option for decorating walls, as they are easy to apply, remove and reapply without leaving any marks on the walls, so if you get bored you can always switch things up a bit. Check out the British Flag decal on the left for example - it would look great on any blank spot!

Union Jack Triangle Pennant Olympic Bunting
For a cheap and easy piece of British style decor, I highly recommend picking up some bunting. We Brits are crazy about bunting, as anyone whose been here during a major football game will know, and its a very inexpensive option you can hang up and get an instant dose of Anglo-mania. You can even make paper bunting yourself if you have time and are handy with scissors.

Zuo Union Jack Sofa, Red/White and Black
Bassett Mirror Union Jack Chest
Painted Flag Motif
Did you know you can even get Union Jack furniture! Yep! This tends to be in the pricier range, so it's only an option for those not on a tight budget, but if you can get some of this stuff it looks seriously amazing.

If personally a fan of the vintage style faded Union Jack furniture, exemplified by the beautiful Bassett Chest on the left, but if you like the more modern, colorful look, there are plenty of pieces in the style of the Zuo sofa featured above.

A few of my other favorite pieces of Union Jack furniture include this Union Jack themed cabinet, or, if you need some lighter duty, versatile storage, here are some cool storage trunks.

Buckingham Great Britain Flag
Union Jack  Blue Red White Rug
Union Jack Great Britain England
Flag Custom Window Curtains
Lastly, finish of your room with some personal accessories that match the theme: this will make you bedroom feel homely and lived in. If you have bare flooring, a great place to start is with a rug, and there are a variety of Union Jack rugs out there in various sizes and styles. The one above is a classic!

Union Jack Sport
Silver Lamp
Don't leave you windows bare either - there are a range of Union Jack curtains available, from the vintage distressed style on the right to cottage-style floral pattern styles like this one.

Lighting is also a necessity, and there are plenty of options out there. For a big lamp, there is the sweet one on the left, and you can also get smaller night lights for kids. Why not decorate your light switches with some colorful light switch plates too?

So there you have it! That is my guide to decorating a cool Union Jack themed bedroom for all you Anglophiles out there. I hope you found to wonderful ideas that are perfect for you, and have a tonne of fun decorating. If you liked this blog and would like to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all of the best themed bedroom ideas on the net!

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